Free books and resources

Here are some books and poems that I have written that I am offering free especially at this time when most of humanity is grounded.  I truly hope its useful. Sufi is a great little book to read together or alone for any age, the others that I will put up here are also accessible to anyone. Lets hope they are useful. Much love to all. Deja xxx


Sufii is a timeless story of the search for true happiness and enlightenment. Weaving an ancient indian parable, Sufi is a journey of life, love and longing. It is a timeless story about the great mysteries of life. Like the Alchemist, it is a story that can appeal to people of any age and from any culture. Set to be a classic in its own right, Sufi can be enjoyed by any age, culture or religion, as it steps beyond all defined boundaries, pointing to the heart. Just tap the image to download a free pdf which you can read on your device. If you want a polished copy it's available for the cheapest I could on Amazon.



sufi cover.jpg