Simply Awake!


Weekend retreat


March 4 - 6th

Ashdown forest


IThe most important thing is to find out,
what is the most important thing."

~ Shunryu Suzuki ~

This retreat is only concerned with one thing, finding the most important thing. Ultimately all spiritual traditions in their essence, essentially point to the same source.

Our deep happiness is always already present.

We don’t need to take many years of hardship to realise that which we already are. Here and now, it is utterly possible to realize the inherent wakefulness which is your true nature, in this very moment.

There are many people that will share with you their beliefs, concepts, whole spiritual philosophies. This isn’t one of them. The only purpose of this retreat then is in helping you, to recognize your own true nature.

The retreat costs cover the cost of the hire and accommodation, there is no profit. Its only aim is to allow deep relaxation into ones own true nature, 3 days away from the never ending distractions of everyday life. It is more of a treat than a retreat! Its a gift to one self.....

The retreat offers the opportunity for deep silence, pointers to ones true nature, deep relaxation & movement, chanting, meditation, self enquiry and walks in beautiful nature.

The cost is £150 all inclusive.

The rest of the funds need to be paid in full by November 10th.

To book a place, please pay a £50 deposit.






"When all the layers of false identity have been stripped off, there is no longer any version of that old self. What is left behind is pure consciousness. That is our original being. That is our true identity. Our true nature is indestructible. No matter whether we are sick or healthy, poor or wealthy, it always remains divine and perfect as it is. When we realize our true nature, our life is transformed in a way we could not have imagined before. We realize the very meaning of our life and it puts an end to all searching right there."

Anam Thubten

Dzogchen master





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