Natural Freedom is an opportunity to be with the full potential of life. The intention is to discover the joy of simply being, that it's possible to be at ease with life with joy, clarity and awareness without getting endlessly caught in the minds drama. 

Beyond the stories of who we 'think' we are, there is a boundless awareness which is open, spacious and clear. This clarity and awareness is inherent to all of us, however we often miss this presence, when we look for happiness outside of ourselves. This awareness is not limited in any way and is available to anyone in all walks of life, all thats called for is a willingness to open the heart and mind and connect with the intimacy of life in every moment. 


Natural Freedom is founded by Huw Wyn, for more information see biography.



Meetings & Counsel 


Meetings are held with Huw Wyn, founder of Natural Freedom in Firle & also on the phone. They are an opportunity to share and enquire into the tendencies, habits and patterns that stop us from realising deep joy and happiness in our lives. There is the opportunity to integrate Wild walks into this process.


Counsel can help with a variety of issues, especially addictions, relationships, stress, anxiety, grief, questions about what you truly want to do with your life and much more.  To find out more visit the Meetings & Counsel page.




Natural freedom offers retreats that can help to bring us back to the recognition of our true nature. Taking time out from one's normal routine or certain patterns of life, can help to step back and see things from a new perspective. Taking time to meditate, walk, eat healthy and delicious foods, to swim, write, relax with awareness and ease of being, can transform our relationship with life.

Most of all, coming on a retreat or to a meeting can offer tools, skills & resources that can help to move beyond the constant anxieties & stresses of the modern world, as well as a way to support awareness, clarity and freedom in every moment. 

The retreats are easy going, relaxed, yet with an opportunity to share in wisdom and clarity. 


To find out more visit the Retreats page.