Taking time out of the constant stresses and strains of the modern world can be an opportunity to transform our relationship with life. Most of all, coming on a retreat can offer tools, skills & resources that can help to support awareness, clarity and freedom in every moment.


Natural freedom retreats are easy going, relaxed, yet with an opportunity to share in wisdom and clarity. Taking time to meditate, walk in nature, eat healthy and delicious foods, to swim, write, relax with awareness and ease of being is the perfect opportunity to get a clear perspective of whats important in life.


Get in touch if you are interested in any of the retreats for intinerary, prices and general information.

                                                Simply Awake!                         


An intimate weekend retreat from February 13th -16th in the beautiful South Downs National park on edge of the Friston forest and the rolling cliffs of Seven Sisters country park.  


This retreat is only concerned with one thing, finding the most important thing. Ultimately all spiritual traditions in their essence, essentially point to the same source. That our deep happiness is always already present.

We don’t need to take many years of hardship to realise that which we already are. Here and now, it is utterly possible to realize the inherent wakefulness which is your true nature, in this very moment.


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                              Blazing wisdom.

                 The heart essence of the Dakini

                             A Dzogchen retreat with James Low

                                                July 2015                  

Feminine Space Embraces the World


A weekend retreat with James Low in the beautiful grounds of Emerson College on the edge of the Ashdown forest. The retreat brings together the sublime teachings of Dzogchen with the feminine wisdom dakini tradition from Tibet.


This weekend will be a true treasure, sharing the heart essence of such beauty that offers the opportunity for liberation in this very moment. What more can be of value in this fleeting life? Click here for more info and to buy tickets.